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Your country is not supported for this exchange direction, the only supported countries are: Canada. If you're indeed from the supported list of countries please login into your account.
Buy, Sell and Exchange Chainlink (LINK) to Flexepin (CAD) instantly.
Rate: 1.00 LINK = 9.04 CAD Guaranteed Rate: 15 min Commission: 2.00% Discount: 0% Processing Mode: Automatic Confirmations: 12
Order will be processed within 24 hours
We will notify you when desired amount will be available for transaction
NOTE: if you are subscribing first time - please confirm your e-mail address.
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30 CAD
3.48705967 LINK
50 CAD
5.74578012 LINK
100 CAD
11.39258127 LINK
150 CAD
17.03938241 LINK
250 CAD
28.3329847 LINK
300 CAD
33.97978585 LINK
500 CAD
56.56699042 LINK
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Actual rate: 1.00 LINK = 9.04 CAD
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